Seminars & Workshops

  • The journey from an innovator to an entrepreneur: Coaching or mentoring?

    New ideas strike us every now and then, some simple, some extraordinary, but all absolutely worth sharing. Tapping the potential of the young, ambitious innovators and extending them all the possible support is the need of the hour.  Innovators have the audacity to dream the wildest dreams. However, lack of capital, resources and most importantly, the absence of a guide keeps them from transforming these dreams into a reality.  That’s when we come into the picture! We at The Big Idea Summit see the entrepreneur in you and are all geared up to do all that it takes to help you become one. A hearty welcome to all you innovators out there, come join us for our seminars!

  • How to launch and grow a start-up?

    Exciting as it sounds, launching a start-up means having an equal share of risks and pleasures. And even when you’re all set with a start-up, does the buck stop there? Launching a start-up and allowing it to grow into a long-term success are two completely different things altogether. Overwhelmed with the launch, the founder goes off the track more often than not. The workshop and seminar segment of The Big Idea Summit 2018 is introduced as a handholding tool to offer all the required guidance for a start-up to not only be launched, but also, to grow to its fullest potential. Understanding what your goals are, building your base, gathering, harvesting and monetising your audience…name it and we’ve got it covered for you!

  • Digital age/ Robotics/ Artificial Intelligence- Opportunities and Threats

    The world revolves around digitization today and so does our work. Widespread digitization, robotics and artificial intelligence pretty much govern our lives day in and day out. While they bring with them millions of opportunities, life’s never all peaches and cream for budding entrepreneurs! Challenges come in your way over and over again! But, with a proper understanding, sailing through would feel easier than ever! Join us for our seminars and let us help you through it.

  • Financing and tax planning for start-ups and SMEs

    Finding financing in an economic climate can be quite a challenge, be it start-up funds, capital to expand or money to help you in terms of crisis. We’re here to guide you, be it in terms of the loans that would benefit you or in terms of factoring or even raising money from other sources.

    As a start-up or an SME, being at the receiving end of a cash flow crunch is totally predictable. You give all the necessary inputs, but when the output is a larger than expected tax bill, the cash flow management has gone for a complete toss. That’s when we come into play. We’re here to chalk out the most ideal tax plans for you.

  • How to avail government schemes, subsidies and grants?

    The Modi Government has brought in a lot of schemes, subsidies as well as grants to help businesses pump up their game; we might as well make the most of these initiatives! The questions “which start-ups would benefit from these schemes” or “up to what extent they would benefit” are sure to pop up and we are here to provide you with all the answers you’ve been looking for. Mere knowledge does not suffice, knowledge combined with awareness does. Knowing which schemes suit you the best and why is your right and we, The Big Idea Summit 2018 help you exercise that right.

  • Networking seminars for professionals

    When you stand a chance to meet fellow professionals, all from different walks of life and speak to them in person, we don’t think there’s anything more you can ask for. You, with your skills, proficiencies, knowledge and experience, can benefit not just yourself but like-minded professionals like you too. All in all, our networking seminars would be your platform for an exchange of learnings and teachings, of inspiring and getting inspired.

  • How to secure cost-effective & timely ‘Trade & SME Financing’ ?

    When accessing finance becomes difficult for a relatively small business or start-up, there is no better option than resorting to trade finance. It is trade finance that allows your company to compete on a global marketplace and receive orders from large multinationals. Ironic as it sounds, SMEs are a key component of economic development, but finance happens to be the major constraint for their growth.
    We understand the importance of knowing how to secure cost-effective and timely trade and SME financing and wish to impart the knowledge with as many people as we can through our seminar.

  • Threats and opportunities in traditional business

    Established traditional businesses like transportation, retailers and so on are increasingly facing threat, especially in this era of technology and globalization. However, there are ways to withstand these threats by realigning business models, co-partner and even tap new business opportunities. We are here to hear out to business leaders who have adapted to the change for the better. Get a chance to meet respective field experts who can help you re-orient your business to overcome the incoming threats and at the same time, tap new opportunities.

  • Emerging business/ trade opportunities in rural India including Kutch

    Gone are the days when one had to travel all the way to an industrialised, metropolitan city in search of profitable employment. Today, starting a business in small towns, like those of Rural India have their own upsides. Allow us to throw some light on the emerging business opportunities in parts of Rural India and much more so, in Kutch.

    Talking you through this journey of gaining intellectual and financial health, are speakers from business schools and successful start-ups of the corporate world.

    Offering you a special meeting space, time for guidance from the experts and business connect.