Why should a Mentor participate ?

  • Unmatchable knowledge clubbed with unmatchable experience makes for a dream package for sure! You, with your knowledge, skills and experience, can enhance not only professional, but also the personal growth of millions out there.

    Right from acting as a guiding light in times of trouble, coaching the individual on various skills, facilitating growth by sharing resources and networks, to challenging him/her to step out of the comfort zone by designing an environment that truly supports taking risks, if you’re all geared up to doing all that it takes to act as a rock solid support for our innovators, The Big Summit 2018 is meant for you.

    We give you an opportunity to explore new innovations in your field, get well-acquainted with grass root innovators and leverage your experience with today’s generation to create a new innovation and what’s more, get a chance to connect to investors.


    Having a mentor can undoubtedly make an unmatchable difference in your career but being one makes for an equally valuable experience.

    When you call yourself a Mentor, you’re in fact a people developer. It is not always material wealth that works; sometimes it’s also the wealth of experience and knowledge that comes into play, much more so, when we talk about start-ups. People with the apt knowledge and experience truly act as wisdom for budding entrepreneurs.

    Mentors play an important role, be it in terms of educating the mentee on how feedback is to be accepted in different areas, understanding the culture of the organisation or in terms of improving various interpersonal relationships and boosting confidence.

    While an innovator needs the support of the mentor in his journey of developing into an entrepreneur, networking matters a lot to the mentor too. He seemingly gets an opportunity to give back to both, the organisation and the mentee. Every time a mentor is given a chance to share his knowledge and feedback, it fills him with a sense of pride, satisfaction and increases his self-worth. Besides that, a mentor is made to realise the importance of listening actively instead of passively. He eventually gets a lot better at his interpersonal relationship skills as well. Finally, mentors get an opportunity to expand their own network as they get to work with a new founder day in and day out.

    In a nutshell, when you’re helping an idea flourish into something unimaginable, you’re not just teaching the innovator, but also learning from him and through him, knowingly or unknowingly. Mentoring, learning, relearning and networking; we’ve got it all covered for you at The Big Idea Summit 2018.