Why should a Innovator participate ?

  • The Big Idea Summit 2018 is designed especially for innovators bustling with ideas that are all set to change the society, the country and much more so, the world for the better. You’d be done and dusted with a business plan but the implementation would happen to take a backseat, because of lack of guidance, resources, either financially or otherwise and so on and so forth.

    Being a firm believer in the fact that ideation without execution equals an idea wasted, we are here with a one-stop solution for all the innovators out there, who are in search of a guiding light to not only execute their ideas but also to make them the next big thing. So all you’ve got to do is give us an idea and we’ll mould it better than ever!


    How would you characterise the present era in terms of the work style?

    It’s a flurry of start-ups, in simple words. There has been an increase of job insecurity lately which has given rise to start-ups one wouldn’t even have a count of! And not just that, a lot of people switch from an employee to an entrepreneur considering the many pros of a start-up style environment. A start-up environment provides you with a chance to exercise greater flexibility, freedom and creativity as compared to a traditional office setting.

    Having said that, a lot needs to be taken care of when you decide to take up the responsibility of launching a start-up. Not all start-ups succeed, mainly due a fall in the demand.  If we begin to ponder upon the reasons that cause this, we’d realise that it’s because of the lack of uniqueness and novelty in the idea conceived by the entrepreneur. Hence, the task at the top of the priority list would always be developing an idea that is all set to turn heads.

    There are lot many innovators out there who genuinely have ideas that are out-of-the-box and truly worth spreading. However, they happen to have an absence of proper guidance, of capital, labour or any other resources that are required to start off their journey of transforming from an innovator to an entrepreneur. That’s when networking comes into the picture. You’ll find too many investors who are in search of an idea that’s qualified enough for them to invest in and mentors, who with their knowledge and experience possess the ability to act as a guiding light to the innovator. The innovator, with the help of both, the investor and the mentor, would truly scale up and become an entrepreneur who is capable enough of making a mark in the society. The Big Idea Summit 2018 is designed to make it happen. We are here to provide innovators with an opportunity to translate their idea into a start-up that’s the next big thing.